Archive for This forum is for Youtubers and other people to talk about certain issues, vlog about things, talk about games, give advice about the Rubik's Cube, and several more things.

Up Coming Videos
Any new videos coming from me
Forum Suggestions
Suggest what I should do to make the forum better.
Up Coming Videos From Others
Advertise what new videos you will make like how I do.
Predicted Things You Will Do
Tell what amazing things you will do in the future that you hope will happen
World Discussion
Issues with Violence
Talk about issues with violence such as school shootings.
Issues with Weather
Talk about issues with weather such as global warming.
Issues with Drugs
Discuss the issue of drugs and alcoholic drinks here.
Issues with Addiction
Talk about addiction and I mean addiction like computer addicted or stuff like that.
Issues with Obesity
Talk about kids with no excerise and all you can eat buffets in their own house eating non stop and being couch potatoes, no offense to anyone.
Issues with Disease
Talk about diseases like the imfamous AIDS or Diabetes.
Issues with Poverty
Talk about poverty.
YT Discussion
Cool Videos
Post cool videos to look at here!
New Videos
Post any new videos here.
Compliment Videos
Compliment about how good some videos are here.
Rant Videos
Rant about certain videos here!
Funny/Random Videos
Hilarious stuff here.
Games, Puzzles, etc.
Rubik's Cube
Need help with your Rubik's Cube? Help is here!
Nascar Vid Games
Saw any crazy crashes? Share your views here!
Got any tips for noobs or just want to show off your Runescape abilitys, just post here.
Got anything to say about maplestory? Bring it on here.
World Of Warcraft
Possibly the best MMPORG is World of Warcraft. Talk about it here.
Talk about sports here!
More Games
Post about more games I did not mention here.
Other Topics
Talk about other things here.
Random Topics
Other topics
Ask your questions here.
We express the rules here. Check it out.
Technical Difficulties
Technical Difficulties with your computer. Post for help.
Technical difficulties with your television. Post for help here.
Need help with downloads and installations? Post for help here.
Need help with connecting things to your computer to make it faster to operate or such like an internet modem? Post for help here.
Need technical help with other things? I'll help ya out here.
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